How we got here and why we have the right background for this work.

Hotel Furniture Pros was founded by President and CEO Tom Torrance, a veteran of the Hospitality Industry with vast experience in hotels including corporate brands and independent properties both domestic and internationally. The goal for Hotel Furniture Pros is to be your hotel furniture service advocate. The vision is to operate a simple lean business model, so that we can be very competitive and be able to pass savings on to our customers. Simply put, we are a no frills company. No fancy headquarters or beautiful brochures, just years of combined knowledge in hotel management and hands on experience and know-how in designing, building, reproducing and manufacturing high-end hotel furniture for sale.\

Hotel and Motel Furniture for Sale – We are Furniture Experts

Our shared vision is to work strategically to find ways to provide hotel furnishings at value pricing that meets every budget level. We have expert teams that travel to your location and work onsite (for armoire conversions and restoration) at hotels and motels that are franchise, corporate brands and Independents, we can “clone” or reproduce any piece of furniture to meet brand and customer standards. We also specialize in hotel and motel furniture designs that can accommodate those hard to fit spaces in your hotel. We oversee the entire process from concept and design to delivery and installation. We can also help with hotel liquidation of your old furniture. We are so confident in our service and professionalism we provide that we guarantee every job.

Hotel and Resort Furniture is Our Business.

There is always a need for hotels to upgrade and change to keep up with the increasing demands of their guests, maintain their competitive edge, and accommodate brand standards. Find out how Hotel Furniture Pros can help you with hotel and motel furniture at prices you can afford.

HFPros: Project Team

Matt reading a armoire for conversion at the InterCon Hotel, West Los Angeles


Hyatt Regnecy Huntington Beach

Hyatt Regnecy Huntington Beach

We were part of the team to renovate the Presidential Suites for this great seaside property. They have three exact (size) suites with completely different designs. We have had the good fortune to work with this property over the years. It is one of my favorites mainly because Robert is so well organized. The views are bad either.

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Wood Repair Products

Wood Repair Products

Mohawk is the leader in furniture refinishing and repair products. We purchase our supplies for Lance Gorman at Wood Repair Products. Lance and his crew are the largest supplier of Mohawk products. Offering classes, knowledgeable staff and onsite custom color blending. Loaded next to Angele's Anaheim Stadium.

Soft Renovation Ideas

Guestroom soft reservations typically will not replace the furniture (case goods) while updating the other decorations. New drapes, carpeting and bedding will add new life and increase guest satisfaction along with rates.

We suggest that you give the furniture and "detailing" to finish off the renovation. The carpet instillation teams are asking to move the furniture before the carpet can be laid. The are asking to use the bathrooms or patios for a temporary place to get the furniture out of the way. In most cases it like a tricky puzzle and my hats are off to them, its hard work.

The furniture get bumped and bruised and needs a little TLC. Our teams can come in to give the furniture a deep cleaning, touch up chips and scratches, address more more serious problems such as structural and hardware issues.

The furniture receives a high quality polish and buffed to high shine. It gives the room a balances look with the new additions to the room.